Articles Published With The Canary

The below are links to my articles published with The Canary, arranged chronologically.

Nancy Pelosi angers Brexit supporters by saying trade with US at risk if Good Friday Agreement undermined

Dublin university students vote to back boycott of Israel

Screw the far right’s selective outrage on the Notre Dame fire

Europe must support Palestinian statehood, say dozens of former EU prime ministers and foreign ministers

Homophobic backlash has forced a library to cancel an event for children hosted by drag queens

Glenn Greenwald lays into fellow journalists for celebrating Assange’s arrest

Ireland’s international neutrality should be in its constitution, argues Sinn Féin

The extreme right has won in Israel. And as always, that means the Palestinian people have lost.

A Palestinian group has asked Madonna to cancel her appearance at Eurovision in Tel Aviv

An Irish senator has explained to the UN why we should ban trade with Israeli settlements

Chelsea Manning’s lawyers file the ‘strongest appeal’ possible to secure her release on bail

Bernie Sanders shows he truly understands the inequality in the US today

An Irish politician wants Facebook to ID people before they can use it

The Irish navy stops rescuing refugees from the Mediterranean after the EU ends its mission

Chelsea Manning’s lawyers file an appeal against her detention

Ireland’s economy is going to suffer no matter what kind of Brexit there is

Asylum seekers in Ireland have staged a protest against their treatment

Chelsea Manning has been put back in solitary confinement by the US government

Robert Mueller has finished his report into Russian collusion and people are not happy