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The Psychology of Outrage

(Originally Published on in March 2010)

Every day in this god forsaken country (irony intended) there is always someone, somewhere complaining about something which is of an almost minuscule nature compared to that little thing which we inhabit; you know,” reality”. While in reality our country is going down the tubes further and further, almost on a daily basis, there are those who seem to inhabit reality of their own making, where the smallest of things which may or may not upset them in some way or another, is elevated to highest podium in their mind. They almost go out of their way to become outraged at something and in the mean time, they manage to completely miss the point.


The End of Rome Rule

(Originally Published on in February 2010)

Over the last few weeks I have been asking myself if I am really living in Ireland. The norm over the last decade was to ignore “minor indiscretions” that may have taken place. That, thankfully, seems to be changing. It seems that in the midst of an economic downturn, sins committed long ago are now coming to light on a regular basis. This applies to no other person or group more aptly than the Catholic Church.

O’Donoghue Takes It All

(Originally Published on in February 2010)

We are now well into the New Year which has so far gotten underway with a bang in political terms. In the last few weeks we have seen the Budget Cuts coming into effect, the Blasphemy Law being enacted and more recently, the first of the so called “Toxic Loans” were transferred to NAMA. One event in particular though has gone rather suspiciously under-reported and that is the return of good old money bags himself, the now former Ceann Comhairle, John O’Donoghue.

Blasphemy Law a Massive Step Backwards

(Originally Published on in February 2010)

On the 1st of January Ireland took a remarkable step backwards when the so called Blasphemy Law came into effect. As a result many people now feel that their freedom of speech could be curtailed by potential legal action and a substantial fine if something they express is deemed as blasphemous towards a particular religion. To say that this is opening a can worms is an understatement and it once again shows the complete lack of common sense that the current government seems to pride itself on. In a recently released statement, the UCC Atheists Society have rightly referred to the new law as “regressive and an attack on the freedom to question religious dogma.”