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The Future of Music

(Originally Published on Corkstudentnews.com in August 2010)

I love music. During any of my waking hours it can be safely assumed that I am listening to music. It could be while walking into town, on the bus, working on my computer or simply kicking back and relaxing; something which I am quite good at I might add. I grew up as a part of a very musical family where there was always an instrument or two lying around. Granted I didn’t learn to appreciate this until I was a little older, I do not doubt the fact that without such a childhood, I wouldn’t have become so enthralled by music as a teenager. There was a problem though.

Don’t Ask Me To “Support The Scene”

The above is a term which tends to get thrown around quite often in the Irish metal scene. It’s a rather simple and understandable statement seeing as we are relatively isolated from the rest of Europe. But does it really hold any weight in 21st century Ireland? Up until relatively recently, bands were reluctant to play over here due to the costs of playing on a small island somewhat off the beaten track from mainland Europe. This has changed in recent years however as more and more bands decided to include Ireland in their “European Tour”. While this was going on, the Irish underground was still ticking away week after week regardless of whether or not some international band decided to visit these shores.